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Adriano is an Italian award-winning composer for film and television. BAFTA Connect Member and Berklee alumni.

His most recent projects include the Rai TV-Series Nuovi Eroi, the feature film The Truth (on Amazon Prime Video), the feature film That place in time (Nexto Digital), and the Rai film Fame with the soundtrack currently nominated (Best Feature Short Film) at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards (2023).

Aponte's music is featured in the TV Trailer for the Primetime Emmy Awards-winning animated sitcom South Park ~ Season 25, the trailer campaign for the Amazon Prime Video TV Series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, and the trailer campaign for the Disney+ TV series Willow, among others.

He composed the music for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2022) winner (Dramatic/Crime category) and Music+Sound Awards (2021) nominated (Best Use of Production Music > TV Trailer/Promos) Sky TV Promo for the TV series Mystery Winter (hosted by Laurence Fishburne). and for the Jerry Goldsmith Awards (2019) nominated (Best Score for Advertising) Vimto's UK multi-channel TV advertising

Adriano Aponte Conducting at Abbey road Studios.png