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Adriano is an Italian award-winning composer for film, television, and media. Recipient of the European Scholarship he graduated (Summa Cum Laude) from Berklee College of Music with a Master of Music in Scoring for Film, Television, and Video Games and has been recently selected as a BAFTA Connect Member.

His most recent projects include the 
Rai TV Series Nuovi Eroi (hosted by Veronica Pivetti) the feature film The Truth (starring Francesco Montanari) available on Amazon Prime Video, the Giffoni Film Festival and Nastri d'Argento winning docu-film Sad Letters (starring Leo Gullotta), and the Rai short film Fame (starring Ludovica Nasti) with soundtrack nominated (Best Feature Short Film) at the Jerry Goldsmith Awards (2022). 

Adriano's music is featured in the TV Trailer for the
Primetime Emmy Awards-winning animated sitcom South Park ~ Season 25, the trailer campaign for the Amazon Prime Video TV Series The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, the trailer campaign for the Disney+ TV series Willow, the TV Promo for the BBC TV Series The Bridge, the 93rd Oscars Live Ceremony's TV Promo for Sky TV, the advertising campaign for the HBO TV Series His Dark Materials, as well as Paramount Pictures' horror feature film Spell.

He composed the music for the Hollywood Music in Media Awards (2022) winner (Dramatic/Crime category) and Music+Sound Awards (2021) nominated (Best Use of Production Music > TV Trailer/Promos) Sky TV Promo for the TV series Mystery Winter (hosted by Laurence Fishburne). and for the Jerry Goldsmith Awards (2019) nominated (Best Score for Advertising) Vimto's multi-channel advertising.



A new instrumental project is coming soon. 

The EP album comes from a place of memory and recent life events, and it is very direct and intimate.

Instrumentation includes a string quartet, piano, woodwinds, brass, and percussions. The recording session took place at the legendary
RAK Studios in London, featuring the most exquisite players. Now at the mixing stage, the music will be soon available on all digital platforms. The album is part of the Molecular Sound Originals Series release.      



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