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YEAR | 2020
GENRE | Drama
ORIGINAL SCORE | Adriano Aponte 

DIRECTOR | Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo

PRODUCTION | Paradise Pictures Italia


Naples, a vibrant crossroads of cultures and colours, where despair and hope collide in a powerful, wordless narrative. In this evocative short film, the story unfolds through the silent yet expressive eyes of a young girl, bearing witness to her father’s pivotal moment at the brink of a life-altering decision. With no dialogue, the film immerses viewers in the raw, unspoken emotions of a city where every choice intertwines with the tapestry of fate, capturing the essence of a place where contrasts forge destinies.

Music | Adriano Aponte
Voice | Stefania Secci Rosa
Guitars | Matteo Nahum
Woodwinds | Pericle Odierna