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i see vimto in you


YEAR | 2018
GENRE | Advertising
DIRECTOR | Trevor Robinson
PRODUCER | Quiet Storm
DISTRIBUTION | UK TV multi-channel

Quirky vignettes celebrating unconventional individuals expressing their 'Vimto Spirit' feature in a new campaign by Quiet Storm for the refreshingly different soft drinks brand. The new strategy is based on the insight that Vimto's target audience feels under pressure to be something they're not when all they really want is to be recognized and accepted for the individuals they are. The campaign plays on the individuality of the teenage demographic by subverting expectations. It offers the audience an opportunity to engage with Vimto - and participate in the campaign - across a number of different media, with each medium working in a different but complementary way. It breaks on 4 June with executions including TV, cinema, digital, experiential, social, print, and VOD. 

I See Vimto In You - Extended

I See Vimto In You - Extended

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