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Primitivamente Poster.jpg

YEAR | 2014
DIRECTOR | Giuseppe Alessio Nuzzo
PRODUCER | Pulcinella Film
| Giancarlo Giannini

Inspired by the bucolic suggestions evoked in the homonymous poem by Raffaele Viviani, "Primitivamente" is a journey into the present and past of Acerra, a city in the province of Naples, to tell and overcome the labels of "land of fires" and "triangle of death". The curative waters of the Riullo spring, the beauties of the Casina Spinelli – hunting residence of King Federico II -, the archaeological area of the ancient Etruscan city of Suessula, the 11th-century Baronial Castle – also known as Castello dei Conti -, up to the Pulcinella mask, originally from Acerra and a symbol of the tourist and cultural revival of the area.



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