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YEAR | 2024
GENRE | Drama
ORIGINAL SCORE | Adriano Aponte

DIRECTOR | Cherno Jagne

PRODUCER | Jeng End Productions Limited 

A young economic migrant (Momodou) returns to the home country that he was illegally smuggled out of 2 years ago, following his deportation from the U.K. Battling with feelings of shame and acceptance, Momodou must come to terms with the stark reality of the sacrifice his family made in risking everything they had to fund his journey and the consequences of his return home.

STATEMENT from the director: "The music score is so beautiful. It fits the movie so well and fully conveys the emotions/feelings I was going for. I can’t imagine the film without this beautiful music."

Music & Lyrics | Adriano Aponte
Voice | Ari Alexander
Guitars |
Matteo Nahum